1. Ep-2: Customer Service

May 7, 2017

We are trying a little something different this week.  I just so happened to bring my new Zoom H6 recorder on our New York vacation this past fall to visit my Sister.  And yes my wife was thrilled I did that, I must add.  Of course I wanted to play around with it, and understand how it all worked. Little did I know that during the trip, we would have a unique experience at a chocolate shop.  

At the time, I was buried in the Disney Institute book, Be Our Guest.  It's a book that's dedicated to the art of delivering an awesome customer experience.  I wanted some ideas on how I could improve our processes at our gym.  I think that this is why this moment stood out to me.  

How can we make things easier for our clients, instead of more complex.  How can we help more?

I hope you enjoy this episode, as much as I had making it.  

Also, thanks again Heather.



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